microsillons is currently working on an artistic research project named “Reengaging Freire”. The project takes as a starting point an historical research on the 10 years Paulo Freire spent in Geneva in the 1970’s. From that investigation (in the World Council of Churches, Institute for Cultural Action and University of Geneva archives, as well as through interviews of people who met Freire in Geneva), elements are extracted and reengaged with contemporary artists, art educators and teachers, to rethink cultural practices today.

A pilot step of the project took place in the Biennale des espaces d’art indépendants de Genève (BIG, June 26-28th 2015), with the movie maker Laurence Favre. A drawing by Freire’s friend Claudius Ceccon – illustrating “the banking concept of education” as defined by Freire) – and an illustration of the city of Geneva culture department 2011-15 activity report were discussed with a group of cultural workers involved in Geneva independent art spaces.

The project was presented in several frames, including in the Creative Time Summit ‘The Curriculum’ launch (Venice Biennale, August 10th, 2015).