microsillons’ PhD Theses -- written at the University of The Arts London and based on the collective’s practice -- are online :

IF WE CAN MAKE IT, WE CAN CHANGE IT Common artistic production as a tool to challenge neo-liberal models (Marianne Guarino-Huet)

BLACKBOARDS WERE TURNED INTO TABLES... Questioning ’horizontality’ in collaborative pedagogical art projects (Olivier Desvoignes)


microsillons continues its research around Paulo Freire and published (for the Intertwining HiStories of Arts Education cluster of the Another Roadmap School) a Learning Unit entitled REENGAGING FREIRE: Paulo & Elza in Geneva


Under "projets", recent projects in the MCBA in Lausanne (Metamorphe), the Centre d’Art St-Léger (La classe renversée) and the Garage in Moscow (Ladder Café)


As head of the TRANS-- Master at HEAD -- Genève, microsillons published Uncertain Patterns. Teaching and Learning Socially Engaged Art [Motif incertains. Enseigner et apprendre les pratiques artistiques socialement engagées].